ARM64 Support

Jonathon Nickols

With many of us moving to Cloud Networks like Oracle I would love to see ARM64 Support added to BitNinja.


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Alejandro Ramírez

Adapting Bitninja to ARM processors feels like hitting the bullseye to me. More and more companies are leaning towards these processors for their efficiency, yet there’s a real lack of solid protection tools out there. If you guys could introduce ARM support, you’d really be ahead of the game. It’s like this niche just waiting to be filled. I reckon it’s a fantastic opportunity for Bitninja to stand out and offer something nobody else does. Being the first to market with such a solution could bring a lot of benefits, I believe. Please add support for ARM processors.
Thank You


Raven Scott

Today I am being hit with some large attacks. I am super sad Bitninja cannot protect me, I am trying to mitigate all of this with fail2ban and I am failing...cloudflare can only do so much.

If possible, please expedite this request. All of my online infrastructure is ARM based with no good options to secure my servers.

-Raven Scott (Formerly Jonathon Nickols)

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Adam Ritz

Please add support for ARM processors 🙏


Mark Bacsko

Hey! Thank you for your idea! We have also been playing with this idea for a while internally. If you want to accelerate this project, make sure to vote in case you have an ARM64 based system, or planning to migrate to one.

Stay Ninjastic!


Mark Bacsko

Status changed to: Waiting